Morire senza essere mai cambiati, nemmeno un po’, rispetto a com’eravamo quando siamo nati o quando eravamo bambini e ci dicevano come essere, cosa provare, cosa pensare e come comportarci; Arrivare alla fine della nostra vita senza esser mai cambiati di una virgola, senza aver mai cercato di migliorare noi stessi, senza aver mai messoContinua a leggere “Zombie”

Rich people look sad!

Rich people always look sad to me: dissatisfied, angry, uneasy.They are always serious and laugh very little.Sense of humour has been extirpated from their souls!They think they can fix any of their problemsby becoming even richer or buying new stuffof which they quickly become thoroughly bored.

I’m not in the mood

I’m not in the mood, oh, no, no,not in the mood at all.Something’s dark, something stinks.Did you think it was all shiny and bright inside the caverns of my mind ??They are caverns, ffs !!!They’re dark, and scary, and you can lose yourself down there.Now there’s like a moist, stinky and uncomfortably warm air comingContinua a leggere “I’m not in the mood”